Cisco FirePOWER: The Answer to Your Security Needs

In today’s network data center environment, it’s not simply enough to have a traditional firewall in place protecting the network’s edge. With more sophisticated network intrusions occurring daily, a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) is required to help fight against...

How Strong are Your Passwords?

Recently, I learned of a significant – and honestly quite brilliantly executed – security breach of a major company. The breach infiltrated a sophisticated system secured with some great security equipment. This company invested large sums of money to make their...

Nutanix – AFS Deployment and Replication to DR

Nutanix Acropolis File Services (AFS) has been available to organizations utilizing the Acropolis hypervisor for a while now. With the release of AOS 5.0, it is now available for organizations who utilize VMware ESXi. This is great for organizations that currently...
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