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How Strong are Your Passwords?


Recently, I learned of a significant – and honestly quite brilliantly executed – security breach of a major company. The breach infiltrated a sophisticated system secured with some great security equipment. This company invested large sums of money to make their system very secure, and they accomplished that. But the brilliant hackers thought outside the box. So how did they do it? The hackers followed a high-ranking employee to…

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Remove-AzureRmADApplication: Deletion of multi-tenant application is currently not supported

Dustin's post

If you’re a developer that is constantly trying out new things, you may want to clean up old and unused Azure AD applications in your development tenant. In my case, I wanted to remove every single one, which is the very simple one-line command with PowerShell: Get-AzureRmADApplication | Remove-AzureRmADApplication. If you use applications that are configured for multi-tenancy (or, can be leveraged by other organizations by delegating permissions in Azure AD),…

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The ROI of Cloud is Productivity, a CEO’s Perspective….

MC's blog post2

The big gain in adopting cloud-based services is certainly financial, but not always “directly” – I have a suspicion that as soon as I publish this, someone is going to say “Hey Mike, come on, you sell what you’re writing about, so how can we <insert skepticism here>?” While this may be true to some degree, it would completely miss the point that this post is really about a…

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Cisco Nexus 7K Design with Active/Active FEX

cisco 2

Back in November 2015 I wrote a post about FEX Topologies with the Cisco Nexus platforms, and at the time the Nexus 5K/6K line was the only model that would support the active/active FEX topology (FEX-AA), which was unfortunate in designing redundant connectivity for downstream devices. But with the release of NX-OS code 7.2 and above, we now get FEX-AA support on the 7000 and 7700 series switches! Recap…

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eGroup Recognized for Excellence in Managed IT Services


eGroup, the Southeast’s leading provider of data center architecture, cloud services, application services and managed services, announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named eGroup to its 2017 Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list in the “Elite 150” category.

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Is Email Your Largest Security Vulnerability? Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Can Help!

O365-Security (1)

What would you say is your largest security vulnerability?  In a recent study sponsored by MalwareBytes and Osterman Research, 31% of ransomware attacks were via links in email and 28% were due to attachments.  That is 59% of attacks originate in email. Traditional Anti-Virus and SPAM protection don’t go far enough to mitigate these risks. Modern email security requires intelligent software that can identify: Abnormal User Behavior – Your users…

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Meraki – The Stethoscope of your Network

Jirahs post

It’s cold and flu season – people all over the country are visiting their doctors for relief from sneezing, coughing, and sore throats. Imagine how they would react if their doctor asked them to run a 100 yard dash with a stopwatch, compared their results to national averages and then declared them healthy. Most patients would want a more data driven approach their health with detailed inspection producing facts…

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Moving Quickly to SharePoint Online Using Sharegate

Microsoft SharePoint 200x200

SharePoint Online is Microsoft’s cloud version of the server-based web application. It is rapidly becoming one of our favorite cloud productivity tools to deploy for customers. If you’ve been through the many phases of SharePoint over the years, you’ll know that the platform has grown immensely. This growth can be good for customers who can fully embrace new technology. However, it may be hard for most people to wrap their…

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Advanced Disaster Recovery Made Simple – Zerto 5.0


Zerto is an industry leader in disaster protection and disaster recovery for virtual computing environments. With the recent version of Zerto 5.0 released, businesses can take advantage of advanced disaster recovery technology while also introducing simplicity and confidence in their ability to completely avoid or recover from disasters. Here are a couple examples of how recent eGroup customers have utilized Zerto to achieve their goals. Virtual machine (VMware and Hyper-V) replication…

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Microsoft Azure Backup Server – Protect Your Data Today

Microsoft Azure Backup 200x200

Microsoft Azure Backup Server is a cost efficient, scalable, backup solution that can provide businesses with an enterprise backups while being easy to deploy, manage, and utilize. Microsoft Azure Backup can help you accomplish the following in very little time (days, not weeks). On-Premises and Cloud Backups Incremental Cloud Replication Geo-Replicated Cloud Storage – Up to 6 copies in the Cloud Cloud Only option for the storage constrained business…

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