Do More With Microsoft Teams

Enable Your Frontline Workforce to Achieve More

As the hub for teamwork, Microsoft Teams is designed to help organizations improve collaboration and increase efficiency by automating key business processes. With the Enable Frontline Workshop, we will work through various frontline worker challenges and pain points to identify top prioritized scenarios for your frontline workforce.

At eGroup | Enabling Technologies, our consultants will walk you through the art of the possible, working with you to identify unique needs of your frontline workforce to help solve your specific collaboration challenges. During the workshop, we’ll develop an actionable plan based on your frontline workforce needs to help you move forward.


Connect and Engage Your Workforce

Highlights include:

  • Teams Voice, chat, and file-sharing
  • Viva (Connections, Learning, Insights), Yammer
  • Praise, Walkie Talkie, Surface, Partner Devices

Enhance Workforce Management

Highlights include:

  • Shifts and Tasks in Teams
  • Time Clock
  • Workforce Management ISV connectors (Kronos, Blue Yonder, Reflexis)

Increase Operational Efficiency

Highlights include:

  • Teams Platform, Power Automate
  • Approvals, List, Virtual Visits
  • Line of Business apps and integrations

Safeguard Your Business

Highlights include:

  • Frontline policy packages, Team templates
  • AAD Identity & Access Management
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Surface


Identify and prioritize key use case scenarios

Explore opportunities to streamline business processes and improve productivity outcomes

Provide an implementation plan and next steps to help you achieve your desired goals