Investigate, Understand, and Take Action on Insider and Privacy Risks

As your business-critical data expands and your workforce shifts to remote work, having an integrated approach that can help quickly identify, triage, and act on risky insider user activity is more important than ever.

Workshop Highlights

Uncover hidden insider and privacy risks in your environment

Monitor user behavior and communications for risky behavior

Assess your environment against key data protection standards

Receive an analysis and report on findings and associated risks

Why You Should Attend:

This workshop will show you how to leverage intelligent security, risk-based controls, zero-touch provisioning, advanced analytics, and deep integration to the Microsoft products you already use

Improve Capabilities

Learn how to improve your management capabilities with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Discover & Protect

Discover and protect your endpoints by enforcing policies and deploying security tools

Secure Identities

Secure your users’ identities with multi-factor authentication & conditional access from any device

Enable Users

Enable your users to be productive with the applications they need on the devices they want