Charting the Path to Copilot for Public Sector

While Microsoft finalizes its plans for .gov tenants to get Copilot licensing, you can begin preparing for a successful launch and operation of Microsoft 365 Copilot!


Copilot has the promise to truly change how your users interact with the content and apps in your Microsoft 365 tenant. Get a head start on this seismic shift by attending this webinar on October 18th at 2PM EST.


We’ll be covering tools such as Symantec Index, Purview, and Entra ID, as well as emerging techniques in knowledge management and adoption. During the session, we’ll conduct a demo of what’s possible now, plus we’ll be joined by Kieran Garcia, a Copilot insider in Microsoft’s .gov organization!


You’ll learn how to:
—Improve the ability for prompts to return accurate info from a “source of truth”
—Keep sensitive data from being exposed to people who shouldn’t have access
—Reduce fear of your employee base and prepare them to level up


Register today to prepare and chart your path to Copilot.


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Oct 18 2023


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Kai Andrews


Kai Andrews

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