How to Build Effective AI Solutions

AI here, AI there, AI EVERYWHERE.


It feels that way these days, doesn’t it? The promise of Artificial Intelligence solving virtually any problem seems too good to ignore. Whether you’re in an early discovery or ideation phase, or you’re ready to start development, an effective AI-based solution is your goal. However, given the novelty of these technologies and the magical promise of success, how do you approach such an undertaking? How do you mitigate risks? How do you predict and manage costs? How do you keep all your stakeholders aligned? And, ultimately, how do you know that you have achieved your goals?


Join Kai Andrews, eGroup Enabling Technologies’ Data/AI/Power Platform Practice Director, to uncover the answers to these vexing questions. Kai will help you understand how to mold that gleam in someone’s (your?) eye into a functioning AI solution, using a custom Copilot project as a sample project.


This session will address:
  • How to scope an AI project.
  • How to decide whether you should buy or build a solution.
  • How to reduce uncertainty and risk over time.
  • How and when to check progress throughout all phases of your project.
  • How to evaluate success.


It’s sure to be a fun and informative session! Reserve your spot before it’s too late.


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Jul 18 2024


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Kai Andrews - Data, AI, & Power Platform Practice Leader


Kai Andrews - Data, AI, & Power Platform Practice Leader
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