Incident Response Tabletop Exercise – Live Virtual Simulation with Peers

This exclusive live virtual event is BACK by popular demand!


Are you ready to put your cyber incident response plan to the test? Discover where you stand compared to industry peers in our upcoming online Incident Response Tabletop Exercise. This isn’t your average webinar—it’s a collaborative opportunity to simulate a cyber emergency alongside fellow IT professionals.


This eye-opening event will delve into the depths of cyber warfare, exploring real-world incidents and dissecting the strategies that saved the day—or led to disaster. Hear firsthand accounts from seasoned cybersecurity experts, gain invaluable insights into the latest threats, and arm yourself with the knowledge to defend against future attacks.


What to Expect:
  • Real-World Scenarios:
  • We’ll present authentic situations to challenge your incident response strategies.
  • Audience Polling:
    Participate in step-by-step response polls to gauge your approach against others’.
  • Expert Insights:
    Benefit from color commentary and guidance from seasoned professionals leading the discussion.
  • Interactive Discussion:
    Engage with a community of cybersecurity experts to share insights, ask questions, and navigate unexpected challenges.
  • Benchmark Your Response:
    Compare your actions with those of other incident commanders in real time.
  • Share and Learn:
    Exchange insights, strategies, and best practices with fellow professionals.
  • Ask the Experts:
    Get your questions answered by experienced responders and incident commanders.
  • Enhance Your Skills:
    Learn from the collective wisdom of the cybersecurity community and bolster your incident response capabilities.


Topics Covered:
  • Response strategies and tactics
  • Stakeholder involvement and communication
  • Detection of adversary exfiltration
  • Reporting to regulatory bodies
  • Customer communication protocols


Don’t wait until it’s too late! Take the first step towards safeguarding your organization’s digital assets. Your cyber resilience starts here.


NOTE: Due to the interactive nature of this exercise, registration is limited. Be sure to save your seat today!


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Aug 08 2024


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Chris Stegh - CTO & VP of Strategy


Chris Stegh - CTO & VP of Strategy

Other Organizers

Mehran Basiratmand - CIO Strategic Advisor
Mehran Basiratmand - CIO Strategic Advisor
Keith Singleton - Architecture Team Support Leader
Keith Singleton - Architecture Team Support Leader
Tom Papahronis - CIO Advisor
Tom Papahronis - CIO Advisor
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