Unlocking Value: TCO & ROI Analysis for Nutanix Cloud Clusters on Azure

Join us for a discussion where we delve into the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI) analysis for Nutanix Cloud Clusters deployed on Microsoft Azure.


As organizations embrace hybrid cloud strategies to optimize performance and scalability, understanding the financial implications of such deployments is crucial. This webinar will provide you with valuable insights and practical guidance to assess the TCO and ROI of NC2 on Azure, empowering you to make informed decisions for your cloud infrastructure.


Topics we’ll be covering:


  • Introduction to Nutanix Cloud Clusters on Azure
  • Understanding Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):
    • Gain a comprehensive understanding of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) factors specific to Nutanix Cloud Clusters on Azure.
  • Calculating Return on Investment (ROI):
    • Learn how to calculate and analyze the Return on Investment (ROI) for your cloud infrastructure investments.
  • Real-world Case Studies and Success Stories:
    • Explore case studies and success stories showcasing the financial benefits of Nutanix Cloud Clusters on Azure.
  • Best Practices for TCO Optimization and Maximizing ROI:
    • Understand the key considerations and best practices for optimizing TCO and maximizing ROI in your hybrid cloud environment.
  • Expert Panel Q&A Session:
    • Get expert insights and recommendations for leveraging Nutanix and Azure technologies to achieve cost savings and business value.


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Mar 07 2024


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Mike Dent


Mike Dent

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