Why Education Systems Choose Nutanix

Support all your learning environments, from classroom to lab and beyond, with consistently responsive and agile IT.


Join our webinar to learn how Nutanix can transform your education system IT infrastructure, making it more agile, efficient, and cost-effective. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your institution’s learning environments with Nutanix.


Topics We’ll Be Discussing:


How To Transform Your IT Infrastructure
  • Gain Agility: Deliver IT resources when and where they’re needed to keep pace with student learning. Nutanix ensures that your IT infrastructure is flexible and responsive to the dynamic needs of educational environments.
  • Eliminate Downtime: Use affordable, integrated data protection and disaster recovery for always-on operations. Nutanix helps eliminate downtime, ensuring that learning and administrative processes continue without interruption.
  • Centralize IT and Apps: Reduce infrastructure costs by 36% and reduce carbon emissions while maintaining high performance. Nutanix offers a centralized approach to IT, reducing complexity and making it easier to manage educational applications and resources.


Key Benefits of Nutanix For Education Systems
Teach, Learn, and Work from Anywhere:
  • Seamlessly access virtual apps and desktops from any location, deploying 8X faster in the cloud or data center.
Adapt to Modern Educational Needs:
  • Flexible infrastructure meets demands for online testing, BYOD, increased data access, and a surge in learning apps, all while staying within budget.
  • Explore how to provide seamless access to virtual apps and desktops, enhancing remote learning and working experiences.
Unified IT Resources
  • Integrate compute and storage for predictable scalability and cost savings across all virtual workloads.
Enhanced Security and Compliance
  • Understand how Nutanix ensures data protection and compliance, keeping student and staff information secure.


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Jul 24 2024


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Mike Dent - Field CTO, Hybrid Data Center


Mike Dent - Field CTO, Hybrid Data Center
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