Why Public Agencies Choose Nutanix

Advancing IT Modernization for Public Agencies at Every Stage with Nutanix


Join our webinar to discover how Nutanix can revolutionize your IT infrastructure, enabling public agencies to modernize data centers, enable IaaS, and seamlessly expand to edge and public clouds for all workloads. Trusted by over 25,000 customers worldwide, Nutanix is the go-to choice for public agency IT leaders to accelerate digital transformation, improve services for employees and constituents, and protect data sovereignty.


Topics We’ll be Covering:


Key Benefits of Nutanix for Public Agencies
-Transforming Your IT Infrastructure
Learn how Nutanix can modernize and optimize your data centers and enable seamless expansion to cloud environments.
-Optimizing Public Agency Operations
Discover how to improve digital services, support operations more effectively, and manage IT infrastructure with greater efficiency.
-Enhancing Security and Compliance
Understand how Nutanix’s built-in security measures and automated compliance can protect your data and reduce risks.
Improving Flexibility and Scalability
Explore how the Nutanix Cloud Platform can provide the flexibility to scale your infrastructure and manage diverse IT environments with ease.
-Achieving Significant Cost Savings
See how Nutanix can help reduce your IT operating costs, infrastructure expenses, and carbon footprint while enhancing overall performance.


Are you looking to experience…
  • 43% reduction in IT operating costs?
  • 97% less unplanned downtime?
  • 36% reduced infrastructure costs?
  • 53% more efficient IT infrastructure management?


Save your seat today and take the first step towards transforming your public agency IT infrastructure with Nutanix!


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Aug 28 2024


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Mike Dent - Field CTO, Hybrid Data Center


Mike Dent - Field CTO, Hybrid Data Center
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