Meet Lillian Rudacille, eGroup’s New Project Manager

Why eGroup?

The two most important core values that I look for in a company are customer-centric focus and corporate culture. One of the key differentiators of eGroup out in the marketplace is how eGroup listens to their customers. eGroup specializes in finding the perfect custom solution to fit the customers current and future needs within their budget. eGroup customers view the eGroup team as an extension of their own company.

The corporate culture at eGroup vests in the happiness, health and success of their employees, fostering and incubating professional growth and team building. It is the commitment to the combination of these core values that fueled my desire to become a part of the eGroup team.

What makes you a Serious Competitor?

People that know me describe me as a creative problem solver that stays cool under pressure and always delivers. Being a “jack of all trades” has given me the competitive edge leading to my various employers’ success.

I thrive on bringing teams together to streamline processes while increasing profit margins and improving the environment. Nurturing client relationships is the heart of every successful value proposition. If the client feels well taken care of, the profit margins will show it. I’ve repeatedly proven this theory in my previous work experiences.

If you weren’t in tech, what would you be doing?

If I was not working in the tech industry I would like to be working with Habitat for Humanity International to provide sustainable housing in third world and developing countries or hosting my own show on HGTV restoring historic properties.

What’s your headline?

“Try not, do or do not, there is no try”

Welcome to the eGroup team, Lillian!