Meet Ryan Borey, eGroup’s new Cloud and Managed Services Engineer

Why eGroup?

I have known about eGroup for a while, being in IT in Charleston.  Their name came up often and I have wanted to work in an environment that would challenge me, elevate my knowledge and experience, and be full of great people.  I have found that in eGroup.

What makes you a serious competitor?

Simply put, I love what I do.  It can be frustrating, long, and harrowing, but in the end, I love seeing a project finished, or a product installed and working.  The first time you see all green check marks after an upgrade or an install is an incredibly rewarding feeling.

If you weren’t in IT, what would you be doing?

Corporate espionage.  Just kidding.  I would probably have gone into law, most likely corporate.  That is what I thought I would be doing before I got my first computer.

What’s your headline?

“Did that just say he would be doing corporate espionage…?” Also kidding. “Wait, so he would be doing the most boring type of law?” But seriously, “Expert: a man who makes three correct guesses consecutively.” – Laurence J. Peter