Meet Tori Schallot, eGroup’s New Project Manager

  1. Why eGroup?

The people; that is what it boils down to. I went to a Women in Tech event recently that featured Lillian and Alisa as presenters. They went into their background, project management processes at eGroup, and talked a bit about the company, and that was enough to peak my interest in eGroup. Based on their dialog, it seemed like the type of organization that valued a diversity in backgrounds and thought processes, because it understood the need to look at a varying perspectives and solutions. That is what I was looking for, coming from government software projects which are rather rigid.

I researched the eGroup website, social media, and review services like Glassdoor, and it became apparent that what Lillian and Alisa were conveying were more than just words, but that eGroup had put their values into practice. After talking at length with Travis and Lillian, as well as interviewing with multiple members of the management team, it became clear that eGroup was the place for me. More than anything, I get the greatest job satisfaction out of being able to learn new things; and eGroup is chalk full of extremely intelligent individuals that seem to be willing to pass on their knowledge. I look forward to learning from all of you.

  1. What makes you a serious competitor?

I have the ability to get up to speed very quickly, I love to try new things, and I celebrate my nerdness. So far, it has made me pretty successful in my personal and professional lives, and I tend to smile a lot more than most individuals because of it.

  1. If you weren’t in IT, what would you be doing?

I have started a few businesses which I operate on my free time, and I also work with other start-ups to help them launch successfully. If I wasn’t working in IT, I would continue to work with new and small businesses, to help them grow. It is a huge rush when you get to help someone that is passionate about their ideas, their business, or their company’s mission. Their passion and enthusiasm tends to rub off on you, and I feel consistently inspired by people that are trying to make a difference or work towards their legacy. I not only get to be a part of that, but I get enriched by it.

  1. What’s your headline?

“Live life like a child, your instincts were better then.” My favorite things are the same things I loved as a kid: anything that glows, inflatable stuff that I can smack people or things with, masks, movies involving monsters and treasure maps, anything in a tortilla, and anything I can do with my shoes off. I act like a kid, I enjoy myself. I eat like a kid, I enjoy myself. And, when I think like a kid, sometimes I come up with better answers. Scooby Doo episodes would have been a lot shorter is they gang always started at the local costume shop and asked who bought a mask and why, but instead the gang started at the haunted mansion every time because that is where adults start when looking for a ghost. A kid would always go to the costume shop!

Welcome to the team, Tori!