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Whether your apps are on-prem or in the Cloud, your app runs where it needs to with a single management interface. Ensure user access to applications and data they need, on time, all the time.

eGroup Limitless Productivity 

Quickly Deploy 1000’s of Apps & Desktops

Leverage the power of Microsoft Azure to quickly and easily deploy hundreds or thousands of applications and desktops as needed without the burdens of infrastructure management.

Offload management requirements

Utilize the Cloud and eGroup Services. Your users are your business, keep them productive with a seamless user experience on-premises, in the cloud, and on the go.

Erase slow infrastructure provisioning

Don’t let new applications or business use cases be delayed by slow infrastructure provisioning. With Azure, quickly, securely and predictably provision the necessary resources to help with use adoption.


Extend to the cloud

Provide unified, integrated experience for both Administrators and End Users between On-Prem and Cloud.

Host in the cloud

Flexible deployment of extending or hosting, managed by IT.

Cloud as a service

Shift CapEx to OpEx for more consistent expenditures and walk away from hardware budgets.

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We align your technology initiatives with our solutions, services and support to make your business more productive, efficient and competitive which allows you to focus on your customers and business goals.

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