KFR Services Inc.

KFR Services Inc. provides solutions to reduce errors and complexity in the areas of Telecom Data and Business Continuity Consulting.

  • Challenge:

KFR elicited eGroup to maximize the value and return on investment regarding their IT equipment and infrastructure. KFR was considering investing in their first storage area network and knew this could be an opportunity to take their IT infrastructure to the next level, as well as build a foundation to take their service offerings to the next level.

  • Solution:

eGroup stepped in to consult KFR and navigate them through the upgrade. eGroup provided technology demo's and test equipment to help reassure KFR that the direction they were headed in would be successful. eGroup helped implement virtualization through VMware's product line, which allowed KFR to maximize and consolidate server density into existing hardware as well as create a solid foundation for all current disaster recovery strategies.


If you are looking for a company that provides sophisticated IT services and has experience with the full breadth of enterprise IT, then eGroup is the best local company to meet those needs and help take your IT infrastructure to the next level. - Director of Finance & IT, KFR Services