Trillium Health Resources

Trillium Health Resources is a local government agency (LME/MCO) that manages mental health, substance use and intellectual/development disability services in a 24-county area in eastern North Carolina.

  • Challenge:

Trillium connects individuals and families to the help they need when they need it. They are responsible for managing state and federally funded services for people who receive Medicaid, are uninsured or cannot afford services. If the environment is unavailable, consumers run the risk of not having access to care. The solution that was in place was not adequate considering the needs of the consumers and providers. Additionally, they receive government funding which is also contingent on payments being processed in a timely manner. The recovery from the previous process was taking days and would not meet the service levels they require to support their consumers. The process relied on appliances for array-based replication as well as VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager. It was such a burden to the team to manage and maintain the two products and the additional infrastructure costs were high.

In addition to their disaster recovery requirements, East Carolina Behavioral Health (ECBH) and CoastalCare had to consolidate their environments. This initiative had to be completed by July 1, 2015, which was 7 months away. The environment had to be in production and up and running. Based on their previous experience with migrations, they were on a tight deadline.

  • Solution:

Their trusted partner, eGroup, introduced them to Zerto Virtual Replication. A complete assessment of the IT environment was done and it was clear there was a gap with the disaster recovery plan that needed to be addressed immediately. The recovery times were measured in days, which was not acceptable. After seeing the presentation and demonstration, they moved forward with a proof of concept. The performance was so powerful, no other solutions were even evaluated. The IT team knows their consumers will have access to the care they need as the consumer data will be protected and available to healthcare providers.

  • Results:

Zerto Virtual Replication was the "perfect storm of events" for the team. It was exactly the product they needed at the right time. It installed quickly and easily and aligned nicely to their strategy of always available. The simplicity of the solution is great for the team and the service levels are really what they organization needs. Additional benefits include:

  • Automated failover, failback and recovery: Through automation, production workloads can be replicated and recovered consistently through a simple repeatable process. The automation ensures accuracy while accelerating recovery time objectives. The ability to have the environment up and running fast ensures our consumers will always have access to the care they need.
  • Aggressive recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs): Zerto Virtual Replication delivers RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes, so applications are always available quickly and with minimal data loss. We want to make sure that we are up and running fast and minimal data loss. This is really sensitive information for our consumers and we want to make sure we don't have to have them repeat or redo anything.
  • Continuous data protection with the journal: As we are seeing more and more, healthcare data is being targeted by hackers. Trillium Health Resources has not been hit by ransomware yet, but the team is very confident in the ability to recover with the journal giving them the capability to essentially "undo" the virus.
  • Simple automated disaster recovery testing with recovery reports: The ability to test during business hours was critical. Most tests are done during weekends when the rest of the business is shut down. This is not a real world scenario. With the non-disruptive testing, the reaction of the environment is more accurate giving the organization full confidence that the BC/DC test will execute correctly.
  • Simple management: Zerto Virtual Replication is very easy to use. It doesn't require ongoing management and maintenance. As the environment changes, Zerto figures it out providing IT resiliency to the environment.
  • Simple, seamless installation: Zerto Virtual Replication installed into the existing infrastructure in only 30 minutes. There were no storage updates, hypervisor patches, OS upgrades or other configuration changes required. It was critical that the healthcare applications were not significantly re-architected and with Zerto, they were not changed at all.
  • Fast and easy migrations: Migrations are greatly simplified with Zerto Virtual Replication. Once the data is replicated to the target, the move process is seamless, non-disruptive and complete in just a few minutes. The replication is occurring in the background, so there is no interruption in services and no extended outage or maintenance window is required.

Trillium serves a vulnerable portion of our population, and we strive to provide them the delivery of the right services, in the right amount, at the right time. Zerto Virtual Replication guarantees faster recovery time to prevent data loss. We will be able to serve our customers without affecting their access to care. - Patrick Hinnant, Technology Director, Trillium Health Resources

With a July 1st go live date, we really needed to ensure we had a solution which could help with several aspects of the project. First, in terms of the migration Zerto (Virtual Replication) dramatically cut down the migration time and then went into play as the full-time disaster recovery solution. The RPO and RTO they had was days, now the RPO is sub 10 seconds. - Daniel Navarro, Account Executive, eGroup