So you want to modify the ICA Client but you want to do it once and have it affect everybody.  Maybe you need to change the URL of your PNAgent site (in which case I’d just change the dns entry), I don’t know your reasons but the answer is simple.  Use Group Policy and a special ADM which can be found here:

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Error when setting up Outlook 2007: “The name could not be resolved. The action could not be completed.”

If you ever run into issue while attempting to setup Outlook for a user but you run into the following error: “The name could not be resolved. The action could not be completed”

Be sure to check Active Directory replication (Sites and Services). If you notice that you are unsuccessful when manually replicating you more than likely have found your issue. Rebooting the Domain Controller experiencing the replication issues was the fix for me.

Replication Error 2108

Replication Error 2108

You might find it helpful for you as well.


Say you need to make a change to a group of users in your AD environment.  Maybe this change isn’t simple, such as removing an old  SMTP email address from every user in your domain.  Here is a great tool that can do this and more:



This utility is very powerful and can make mass AD changes take seconds.  I highly recommend it!