YES YOU CAN! (Migrate your existing Windows PC to a MacBook Pro Boot Camp partition via VMware Fusion)

OK – so here is the deal – I often tell customers that “Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD…” but I rarely follow this advice for myself – especially with technology at eGroup, and most especially on the weekends when my time is my own.

Sooooooooo….. there’s your warning……!

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As operating systems vary and new printers come online everyday, it seems like an opportune time to have an HP print driver refresher.

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Microsoft – FREE ANTI-VIRUS?

It looks like Microsoft is gearing up to release a public beta of their free anti-virus service, "Morro". While the service is supposedly going to be "basic", I’m sure it’ll help prevent the massive wild-fire like spread of worms that captures media attention (and, of course, adds fuel for most Apple commercials– poor PC!).

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