As technical consultants for Fortune 500 companies in today’s economic landscape, we are tasked with presenting solutions that will reduce or eliminate IT spend. That is what the market demands—solutions that cut cost and drive production with a realistic and measurable ROI. These facts are why most of our clients are focusing on data storage reduction. The driving factor is that there are tools and methodologies available to determine what cost savings/production benefits can be realized prior to spending.

Data Infrastructure Assessments

Deduplication storage systems dramatically reduce the amount of disk storage needed to retain and protect enterprise data. Deduplicating and compressing data can typically result in the following reduction metrics:

• 100TB data becomes 5TB

• 10TB data becomes < 1 TB

• Backups that once took 24 hours are now complete in just a FEW

Data Infrastructure Assessments can accurately identify potential in your environment, there is no cost associated with the assessment, and the information generated is extremely beneficial.









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