I worked with EMC support recently to identify and work around an apparent bug in the VNXe operating environment. One of our customers purchased two VNXe 3100’s with the intention of using them to replicate CIFS data between two sites. Because the data exceeds a terabyte we placed both VNXe’s in the customer’s primary datacenter to perform the initial data migration and synchronization. Once the initial sync between the VNXe arrays completed we relocated the secondary VNXe to one of the customer’s offices a couple of hours away.

Changing the management IP address of the VNXe that had moved to match the subnet at the new location was no problem, but there seemed to be no way to successfully change the IP address used by the replication interface and reestablish the replication session.

We opened a support case with EMC, who after some digging acknowledged that we had encountered an issue that will be corrected in the next VNXe OE release.

If you find yourself unable to change the IP address of a replication interface on a VNXe storage array the work-around is to contact EMC support and let them reconfigure the replication for you.