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What we do - Managed services

Managed Services:

We Fix IT Before IT Goes Down — Fixed Cost, Flexible IT Solutions.


eGroup’s Services Team delivers a subscription model for flexible expertise to support your IT services in achieving your business goals. Whether it is augmenting existing staff or providing complementary skill sets, our team will help carry out IT initiatives with speed and certainty. Proactive or reactive, our staff is always available to ensure your business is up and running.

Proactive Expertise

  • Cloud Services
  • Infrastructure Health Checks
  • Technology Roadmaps
  • Architecture Reviews
  • Process Improvement

Reactive Services

  • Engineer staffed service desk
  • Critical triage and troubleshooting
  • Standard maintenance efforts
  • We don’t believe in a “tiered” approach

Speed and Certainty

  • Ongoing alignment to priorities
  • Quicker project ramp-up
  • Achievable shared vision
  • Ability to grow with your business

Every Problem Matters

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We don’t believe in a “tiered” approach to IT.

Every customer request deserves a skilled resource capable of resolving specific issues quickly. Our team is staffed with senior level subject matter experts across a variety of technical areas who provide flexible managed, proactive and reactive services that will meet your company’s unique need.

Accomplish business goals faster.

Get products and services to market faster.

Increase efficiency and profitability.

Get added values from maintenance entitlements.

Peace of Mind - We'll Manage It All

Wouldn’t it be nice to go to work and get the job done, without having to worry if the technology will work today? That’s why you want an around-the-clock technical support specialist, like eGroup.

Fixing IT Before IT Goes Down

Staying competitive means you don’t lose any time to technology problems. Managed services from eGroup’s certified technicians ensures that unplanned down time is a thing of the past.

  Cloud Services

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Interested in how our IT management consultants can provide you with the IT Services you need around the products and solutions you’ve acquired?

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