How We Do It

eGroup's Process has Helped Hundreds of Businesses Succeed with Technology

Phase 1 - Consultation

We’ll invest in an initial “meeting of the minds” discovery session between eGroup’s subject matter technical architects and your team. During this meeting, we’ll align to your business goals, and learn about your current application, systems, and network infrastructure, along with your timelines and resources – so we can work together on what changes and IT solutions you need to accomplish your goals.

Phase 2 - Design

eGroup authors an architectural design using the information gathered during the initial discovery session. Technology solutions, methods, and techniques are chosen to accomplish your business objectives and reach your goals. We’ll develop project timelines and test any conceptual approaches, systems and processes before we deploy anything formally in your environment. Together we qualify and quantify our success metrics to demonstrate the value you are seeking.

Phase 3 - Deployment

Once we’ve finalized the approach, timeline, resources, and materials, we’re going to fully test all components with a small group of users during a pilot implementation. We want to make sure we optimize the implementation process before deploying it for all users. When we’re satisfied with the results of the pilot implementation, we implement the complete system and begin staff training to make sure your team is fully using the technology for the best return on investment. We then gather all relevant feedback to ensure you are satisfied and that we have completely met your success criteria.

Phase 4 - Support

After deployment, eGroup delivery team members check to make sure all applications and systems are fully operational and all project milestones have been met to mutual satisfaction. We make sure every aspect of your engagement is fully documented, work through the resolution of any open issues, and offer you ongoing, lifecycle support services through our eGroup Service Desk.
Our engagement with your team doesn’t end after deployment: we just enter a new phase of the project and position our team to support your IT needs on an ongoing basis.