What We Do

Data Center Architecture

eGroup has significant expertise in storage, networking, compute, and virtualization to design efficient and secure data center solutions that help your business achieve its goals.

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Cloud Services

eGroup resources can help your business become more productive, efficient and valuable by identifying and adopting the right public, private and hybrid cloud solutions.

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Application Services

The eGroup Application Services team is skilled in enterprise applications, business process automation, data management, and collaboration solutions.

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Managed Services

Our team is staffed with senior level subject matter experts who provide flexible managed, proactive and reactive services that will meet your company’s unique need.

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Faster, Reliable and More Afforable.

“eGroup has proven they can deliver enterprise solutions in a very large environment. We have found eGroup to be a valuable partner that can achieve results.”– Director of IT Operations, AgFirst Farm Credit Bank

Who We Do It For

Business IT Services for Multiple Industries

eGroup offers innovative business IT services across many industries with businesses ranging from the very small to the enterprise – our services and solutions scale easily from 25 to 100,000 employees.
We leverage our expertise and understanding of Applications, Security, Networking, Storage, Virtualization, and Cloud as well as our experience in Microsoft Software to ensure that Line of Business Systems are designed, supported, and operating at peak performance, effectiveness, and efficiency.


We’ll work with you and your team to ensure your systems maintain the security and integrity of patient data while enabling your physicians to deliver the greatest levels of care. Our experience providing medical IT support and healthcare IT services allow us to increase your effectiveness with technology, putting you in a position to achieve HIPAA compliance, deliver quality healthcare, and make your practice and patient encounters very efficient.


It can take a long time to service client matter, or process applications and financial data, which means your clients could become unhappy and look elsewhere for their legal, insurance or financial needs. Our experience in the professional services industry allows us to design the right client-centric systems that enable you to provide better customer service with improved security and collaboration among team members and clientele.


Many organizations find their legacy manufacturing software is unable to grow and change with the needs of the organization. If you acquire another line of business, or need to open another facility, your network and application systems may not be flexible enough to change with you. Our manufacturing experience allows us to custom design a network to meet your needs today and in the future, wherever your goals take you.

State and Local Government, Education, Public Services/Police/Law Enforcement

When dealing with government and confidential information you absolutely must have a mature framework for application, systems, network, and mobile security. Our expert engineers can custom design these systems to thwart hackers, thieves, and unauthorized individuals from accessing confidential data, while making sure sensitive information is available to the right personnel, while backed up and fully retrievable in the event of equipment failure or natural disaster.


Using technology to help advance the mission of your nonprofit organization can be challenging if you’re unsure of what solutions work best for you. Our team of IT professionals are well-versed in the technical realm and possess immeasurable expertise to manage your entire IT infrastructure. We’ll provide unlimited support to boost your performance, battle your security threats to keep you protected, and proactively maintain your network – so you can have more time to focus on carrying out your organization’s priorities and goals. Every dollar you spend and every second you waste on technology issues detracts from the important work that drives your nonprofit organization. Let eGroup be your IT partner and handle that burden for you simply and efficiently.

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