Zerto is an industry leader in disaster protection and disaster recovery for virtual computing environments. With the recent version of Zerto 5.0 released, businesses can take advantage of advanced disaster recovery technology while also introducing simplicity and confidence in their ability to completely avoid or recover from disasters. Here are a couple examples of how recent eGroup customers have utilized Zerto to achieve their goals.

  • Virtual machine (VMware and Hyper-V) replication to DR facilities to achieve Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) measured in seconds
  • Virtual machine replication to the same data center to provide local active/passive redundancy of hard to protect workloads
  • Migrate virtual machines from aging infrastructure to new infrastructure with no downtime
  • Migrate virtual machines from an on-premises data center to the Cloud with no downtime

With the introduction of Zerto 5.0, additional features have been implemented that can help your business further protect your critical assets and lower the capital and operational costs of maintaining a Disaster Recovery site/solution. Some of those capabilities are:

  • Replication to Azure Virtual Machines – you can now leverage Microsoft Azure as a replication target so that you can have limitless capacity for your DR site in a format where you only pay for Compute/Memory when you use it. No more large equipment purchases for capacity that will rarely or never be utilized.
  • Multi-Site Replication – you can now replicate a virtual machine to multiple data centers, Clouds, etc. for additional protection. This is very helpful if you want to create a passive local copy but also have another copy ready in your secondary data center or Cloud.
  • Extended Journal Capacity – You can now get point in time recovery (just like your TV’s Digital Video Recorder – DVR at home) for up to 30-days vs. the previous 14 day retention. This includes awareness and recover-ability for solutions like SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Exchange and user data. This capability allows you to avoid having to go to backups for near-term recovery. No snapshots required.
  • Zerto Mobile App – Monitor your environment from anywhere with the Zerto Mobile Application.

How does Zerto Work?


How do I get started with Zerto?

  1. Contact eGroup today for a FREE consultation session. Our team will work to understand what your business needs out of a Disaster Recovery Solution and help guide you to the right answer
  2. Conduct a Proof of Concept. Our team can help you implement Zerto 5.0 and the supporting technologies in a try before you buy manner so you can see how Zerto simplifies your DR implementation
  3. Scale to Production. Scale the POC environment to a full production implementation by adding licensing, protected assets and additional runbook automation.

That’s it! You can now centrally manage, test and monitor your Disaster Recovery plans all in one intuitive interface with the Zerto Web Console or Mobile App.

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