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Charleston ENT & Allergy Enlists eGroup for a Technology Portfolio Optimization Assessment

Since 1997, Charleston ENT & Allergy’s mission has been to serve the people and families of South Carolina with superior, comprehensive, and convenient care. Their commitment to these core values has allowed Charleston ENT & Allergy to expand from one to seventeen locations, and build their own nationally accredited surgical center, The Surgery Center of Charleston, as well as a state-of-the-art Sinus Institute.

eGroup assisted Charleston ENT & Allergy by completing a Technology Portfolio Optimization Assessment (TPOA) that allowed them to have the necessary building blocks to strengthen their technology operations. An optimized portfolio of technology investments is the driving force in accomplishing rapid digital transformation. An eGroup TPOA facilitates “shedding the weight” of underutilized technology and reinvesting the savings into technology and initiatives that drive innovation and are a fit for the task at hand.

Elevating Operations, Standards and Governance with eGroup Managed Services

Genesis Health Care is a nonprofit FQHC (Federally Qualified Health Center) healthcare provider offering programs that focus on detecting and managing any chronic pains, chronic illnesses, and chronic ailments, providing patients with the care that allows them to live a happier and healthier daily life.

eGroup, a multi-year award-winning Managed Service Provider with the highest level of client-rated satisfaction, acts as an extension of the Genesis IT department, taking care of critical IT infrastructure, monitoring and management around the clock—enabling IT staff to focus on customers and business goals. By proactively monitoring and maintaining Genesis systems, eGroup eliminates many technology problems. Should an issue occur, eGroup’s experienced team and automated platforms can troubleshoot and resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Seeking to take a Major step Forward in Information Storage

The challenge for Carolina Radiology was to store huge amounts of information, back it up quickly and efficiently and restore it rapidly, not only in the form of high-resolution radiology images but also to comply with the requirements of the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The solution provided by eGroup was Rubrik, which excels in delivering data protection, search, analytics, archival and copy data management.

Horry-Georgetown Technical College Graduates to Nutanix and Lenovo

By moving to Nutanix and Lenovo, HGTC was able to eliminate latency and downtime in its Banner ERP platform, student registration system, and instructional applications. The hyperconverged solution is also much easier to manage and maintain, with the comprehensive visibility provided by Prism Central. The budget avoidance obtained from choosing Nutanix and Lenovo instead of refreshing the legacy systems was over $1M, enabling the development of new applications and solutions previously unavailable for the college.

Cutting Edge of Technology in State-of-the-Art Healthcare

Keeping state-of-the-art healthcare on the cutting edge of technology is a difficult feat. Advances and discoveries in healthcare are happening every minute of every day. The same is true in information technology. Computers emerged in healthcare in the early 1970s (Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review 2015) after legislation enacted Medicare reimbursement, but it wasn’t until the late 1970s that computers became widely used. (USF Health 2017)

Are you prepared for the unexpected? If your answer is yes—are you sure?

In the early minutes of a Saturday morning in April 2011, a water main broke below the streets of Columbia, S.C.

A $30 billion lending provider a few feet away from the break had over 1,200 servers in their basement Data Center. The massive subterranean flood destroyed the entire electrical subsystem beneath the building rendering it useless due to power loss.



Healthcare System
@Chief Information Officer
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"My experience was great because the eGroup engineers quickly got on a conference bridge, stayed on all day, all night, then back the next morning until service was restored. A remarkable job from the eGroup team."
Logistics Brokerage
@Director of IT
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"Work was completed swiftly and without creating other issues!"
County Government
@Security Architect
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"Response time was great, and eGroup engineers were able to resolve our issues."
Technology Services Provider
@Chief Financial Officer
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"eGroup is by far the most responsive and thorough partner I've ever worked with."
Memorial Hospital
@Director of IT Infrastructure
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"eGroup arrived on site with very short notice. They were able to step in to lead our complex troubleshooting procedures during our network outage and relieve our exhausted in-house team. Stayed with us until the problem was resolved. Great work and dedication as usual from the eGroup team."
Electric Company
@Network Administrator
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"Quickly resolved our issue. Awesome customer service as always!"

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