Ensure Security In The Cloud In No Time with Defender for Cloud Apps and Entra ID

Our team of experts help you eliminate trial and error and provide the quickest time to secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with Defender for Cloud Apps and Entra ID

The Challenge

37 minutes. That’s the average time that it takes to decommission an employee’s access to corporate and SaaS applications after they resign or are terminated. What can a disgruntled employee do in 37 minutes? While IT is busy shutting down access to Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) and a myriad of SaaS, the organization is at risk.

The Solution

Using Microsoft Entra ID and its interface to 3300+ SaaS apps in the marketplace, once a user is decommissioned from Microsoft Entra ID, their credentials are invalid in their on-premises or SaaS applications. As a productivity bonus, users enjoy SSO to those SaaS apps, instead of managing separate logins. To understand which SaaS apps are in use, Defender for Cloud Apps is enabled, identifying logins to SaaS portals. With the inventory of cloud apps in-hand, IT can now configure Microsoft Entra ID to pass credentials through to sanctioned SaaS apps, and bring them under organizational control.

The Service

eGroup Enabling Technologies is a Microsoft Solution Partner securing productivity apps in the cloud. Our Project Manager will provide a detailed agenda for live, interactive sessions to educate and gather information. Critical topics include Microsoft Entra ID, Office 365, and Azure deployments, security policies, and SaaS being used. Our team then assists in the initial configurations of Defender for Cloud Apps to inventory apps in use, adds or modifies two policies, then activates Microsoft Entra ID for SSO to SaaS. We then transfer knowledge to the IT team about how to add additional users/apps.

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“Having completed our 2nd project with eGroup Enabling Technologies, their guidance, project planning, execution and support are outstanding. They are true experts and have provided invaluable services throughout our deployment.”


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