eGroup | Enabling Technologies Achieves Microsoft Cloud Security Specialization

[21, September 2023] – eGroup | Enabling Technologies, a 9x Microsoft Partner of the Year Award recipient and award-winning Managed Services Provider, is proud to announce its recent achievement of earning the Microsoft Cloud Security Specialization. This designation highlights the company’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge cloud security solutions and demonstrates its expertise in Microsoft’s cloud security technologies. eGroup | Enabling Technologies now holds all the Microsoft Advanced Security Specializations including Cloud Security, Identity and Access Management, Information Protection and Governance, and Threat Protection, emphasizing that they have proven their ability to design, implement, and manage these solutions effectively. 

The Microsoft Cloud Security Specialization is a prestigious certification that recognizes partners who have demonstrated a deep understanding of Microsoft’s cloud security offerings and have successfully implemented them for clients. eGroup | Enabling Technologies’ attainment of this specialization reflects its dedication to helping organizations protect their cloud environments, data, and applications.

"We are thrilled to have earned the Microsoft Cloud Security Specialization. This accomplishment validates our team's expertise in leveraging Microsoft's cloud security solutions to safeguard our clients' digital assets. With the ever-evolving threat landscape, it is crucial for businesses to have mature and extensive security measures in place, and we are well-equipped to deliver on that front."

eGroup | Enabling Technologies has a long-standing partnership with Microsoft and has consistently demonstrated its proficiency in implementing Microsoft’s cloud solutions. By achieving the Cloud Security Specialization, the company is positioned to provide its clients with even greater confidence in their cloud security posture.

"Obtaining the Microsoft Cloud Security Specialization further cements our partnership with Microsoft, granting us access to their internal teams, programs, and funding. These resources empower us to provide a distinctive offering within the market, reinforcing our commitment to excellence, and underscoring our dedication to staying at the forefront of implementing the latest and greatest in cloud security solutions."

This accomplishment also aligns with eGroup | Enabling Technologies’ mission to empower organizations with technology solutions that drive innovation, efficiency, and security. As cyber threats continue to evolve, so do the methods and expertise of their team. Businesses can rely on eGroup | Enabling Technologies to deliver comprehensive cloud security solutions that protect their assets and enable them to operate with confidence. 

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eGroup | Enabling Technologies is a leading provider of IT solutions and Managed Services that empower organizations to achieve their business objectives. With a focus on cloud, cybersecurity, and digital transformation, eGroup | Enabling Technologies helps clients harness the power of technology to drive innovation, enhance security, and optimize operations. 

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