In last Friday’s post, I discussed the concept that “Things that have never happened before, happen every day” and the need for a posture of resilience to remain operationally ready for anything.

Storage industry veteran Paul Zeiter, currently president at Zerto, said recently that “One of the big challenges facing companies today is the need to change the way they think about coping with change. Traditional approaches to managing change and disruption were predicated on working with physical systems. But those models don’t work optimally with highly virtualized environments” and more simply “In 2017, outages are no longer tolerable”

How right Paul is!

And if “IT Resilience” is the new normal in a world where business success is based on intolerance of outages, I would add that “IT Complexity can no longer be IT Job Security”

From eGroup’s perspective, shaped by our many experiences delivering speed and certainty with cloud and data center solutions, IT Resilience can be achieved when it delivers:

And, while continuing to build sophisticated, privately-hosted recovery infrastructures, eGroup is increasingly leveraging the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud as the target for replicated on-premises systems – saying “goodbye” to concern for unpatched systems, non-compliant platforms, and slow turn-ups with middle men – while saying “hello” to automated and standardized activation, world-class security, and global platform access with directed data locality to stay compliant with sovereignty interests.

eGroup delivers fast and effective “IT Resilience” that is built with commoditized and standardized services to keep costs low and simplicity high.

By layering Zerto resilience software on top, we deliver RPOs in seconds and RTOs in minutes, with up to 30 days of journaled changes, bi-directionally to, or from, the Microsoft Azure cloud – or your own on-premises private cloud.

If you’re not familiar with Zerto, they make replication and orchestration software for virtualized infrastructures that enable private and public cloud resources to be leveraged quickly and easily for disaster recovery and backup. More simply put, Zerto’s software, when combined with the Microsoft Azure cloud, delivers certainty in uncertain times.

The power and cost advantages of cloud-enabled IT Resilience are extraordinary, and eGroup is convinced that forward-thinking businesses will embrace the cloud as the way to address tomorrow’s data availability needs today.

Why wait?

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Last updated on July 31st, 2023 at 01:30 pm