What would you say is your largest security vulnerability?  In a recent study sponsored by MalwareBytes and Osterman Research, 31% of ransomware attacks were via links in email and 28% were due to attachments.  That is 59% of attacks originate in email.

Traditional Anti-Virus and SPAM protection don’t go far enough to mitigate these risks.

Modern email security requires intelligent software that can identify:

How can businesses get ahead of today’s threats with and easy to deploy, adopt and simple to manage solution?  Take a look at the eGroup Modern Office Solution – Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection

Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection for Office 365 Email allows you to get ahead of threats by offering real time protection against known, unknown and sophisticated email based threats.  Leveraging the power of the Cloud and Azure Machine Learning to analyze your email content, attachments, and patterns in real time to mitigate risks before the user can be affected.  Some of the core features in addition to traditional antivirus and anti-SPAM are:

Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection is available as an add-on purchase for existing Office 365 customers and Exchange Online customers.

Interested in a demonstration or FREE Trial?  Contact eGroup today and we can set one up for you so you can start understanding how eGroup Modern Office Solutions can provide the protection your business needs from advanced threats.

Last updated on May 5th, 2023 at 02:22 pm