Genesis Health Care Elevates Operations, Standards and Governance with eGroup Managed Services


• Healthcare


  • Client’s existing Managed Service Provider did not meet expectations, missed Service Level Agreements (SLA) and lacked technical leadership
  • Skillsets, time to respond, and remediation metrics were below expectations
  • Inadequate reporting and account management: low accounting and visibility


  • A seamless transition from the incumbent provider to the eGroup Managed Services Team
  • Stabilized the environment and began a migration to Microsoft Azure to modernize the infrastructure
  • Consistently exceeding Service Level Agreements for incident response & change management
  • Established a governance team who is driving rigorous processes and reporting on eGroup commitments

Genesis Health Care is a nonprofit FQHC (Federally Qualified Health Center) healthcare provider offering programs that focus on detecting and managing any chronic pains, chronic illnesses, and chronic ailments, providing patients with the care that allows them to live a happier and healthier daily life. Genesis has the ability to provide quality healthcare at affordable prices and provides a variety of services including, but not limited to: Primary care & preventative care, Chronic disease management, Lab diagnostics, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Patient transportation, and more.

“We are beyond impressed so far with the technical acumen, communication and positive experience working with the eGroup Team. “

eGroup, a multi-year award-winning Managed Service Provider with the highest level of client-rated satisfaction, acts as an extension of the Genesis IT department, taking care of critical IT infrastructure, monitoring and management around the clock—enabling IT staff to focus on customers and business goals.

By proactively monitoring and maintaining Genesis systems, eGroup eliminates many technology problems. Should an issue occur, eGroup’s experienced team and automated platforms can troubleshoot and resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Unlike traditional outsourcing arrangements, eGroup offers a commonage solution, where the client retains complete control and ownership of their IT assets, as well as maintaining full visibility into the process and ongoing management of the company’s systems. We believe this is the ultimate competitive differentiator, enabling our clients to avoid vendor “lock-in”, while ensuring eGroup performs to the highest levels without leveraging a “captive customer” business model.

Additionally, the eGroup subscription model provides the best level of expense predictability over a consultative time and billing model.

Genesis engaged eGroup to provide services in support of Genesis’s existing team, so that members could accelerate the completion of defined project objectives without distraction.

It is the Genesis team’s goal to be able to leverage eGroup for support, monitoring, and management of core application servers along with accessing additional expertise for Tier-2 and Tier-3 skillsets, project implementation, and solutions design that enhance and increase the rollout and adoption of standardized IT solutions throughout the organization.

Genesis wants to ensure continuity of knowledge and efficient transition between any resources eGroup provides for Project and Support efforts. eGroup utilizes a team-based approach, with dedicated points of contact, to ensure that the overall mission and execution is consistent across all defined objectives. This team approach enables eGroup to supply Genesis with best-in-class operational management, combined with process driven delivery, in the delivery of critical services needed by the business, while also fulfilling the duration of the engagement with the wide variety of technical expertise required to achieve goals.

The Goal

Specifically, eGroup provides access to onshore, certified industry experts for both escalation support and strategic project services to remediate pain points in existing systems, while successfully deploying new solutions to shrink the footprint and complexity of the current environment.

Genesis can expect to achieve the following outcomes.

• Access to Experienced Resources to remediate and support critical systems

• Access to Leadership resources skilled in the planning, design, and execution of complex product rollouts

• Access to Onshore, Industry Certified Expertise to achieve specific strategic project goals

• Acceleration of the time to value of current IT and Business Objectives by engaging resources with the right skill set, when needed

• Access to Azure Cloud Expertise with a shared vision to simplify, standardize, and modernize the Genesis environment



Industry leading knowledge of specified solutions and technologies.


• Expertise in integrating solutions with the core infrastructure providing end-to-end experience

• Ability to analyze requirements and specify hardware and software requirements, including management tools

• Ability to understand, identify and mitigate risks that affect compliance requirements

• Knowledge in migrating from existing products to next generation solutions

• Expertise in performing assessments in specified architectures, systems, and applications

• Experience in developing in-depth architectural designs

• Proficiency in the development of detailed designs, including network diagrams, system rules and reports, and sample software configurations for protocols, policies, and features for specified areas

• Assistance with comprehensive testing methods to confirm that expected performance is attained in specified initiatives

• Development of an implementation strategy and plan detailing the requirements for solution deployment, integration, and management in specified areas

• Ability to define and document training and communication plans for solutions deployed

• Expertise in support of custom installation, configuration, testing, tuning, and integration of a solution for specified areas.


Our team of IT professionals are certified and experienced at the highest levels of industry and technical proficiency and possess repeat, real-world expertise in the comprehensive management of entire IT infrastructures. Every dollar you spend and every minute you devote to technology should enhance the important work that drives your organization.

Let eGroup provide our expertise so that you can pursue yours.

Last updated on May 5th, 2023 at 02:20 pm