Intune Windows Autopilot Device Preparation

David Bergquist
David Bergquist

Senior Cloud Solutions Architect

New Announcement!

There is a new Intune Windows Autopilot in town! 

Welcome Intune Windows Autopilot device preparation to general availability for Entra ID joined devices! Windows Autopilot device preparation should simplify and expedite the process, reducing the time it takes to run devices through Autopilot—plus near real-time deployment status, monitoring capabilities, and improved troubleshooting.  

Currently, Autopilot device registration requires software version: 

  • Windows 11, version 23H2 with KB5035942 or later  
  • Windows 11, version 22H2 with KB5035942 or later 


Microsoft Entra ID joined is the only supported method. So, if you require hybrid Entra ID join, you can still use Windows Autopilot in parallel.  

Windows Autopilot device preparation only supports user-driven mode, and it does not require device registration (like Windows Autopilot). In addition, Windows Autopilot device preparation supports line-of-business and Win32 applications in the same deployment, whereas Windows Autopilot does not.  

With these enhancements, device preparation is more efficient and versatile, making it an invaluable tool for your organization’s deployment needs. Embrace the future of device management with Intune Autopilot and experience seamless, real-time deployment like never before!

We Can Help!

If you are excited as I am about Intune Windows Autopilot device preparation and need assistance deploying this as part of your device management solution, please contact us at or complete the form below and we can assist! 

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