Microsoft Teams Governance Workshop

Ensure proper controls and permissions across your organization with Microsoft Teams Governance

Microsoft Teams can hyper-charge collaboration across organizations, But if left ungoverned, corporate information and files can be at risk.

If left ungoverned, chaos can quickly take over with too many Teams created and too few controls on membership and ownership. Confusion will set in as users try to decipher what to store in Teams vs. OneDrive vs. SharePoint vs. other storage locations. Not to mention, the effort it takes to find content when needed.

Engage eGroup Enabling Technologies for a Microsoft Teams Governance Workshop to provide you with the guidance, security, user experience, and deployment best practices. Our team of experts will conduct an in-depth discovery session to evaluate your current roll out of Teams.

Microsoft Teams Governance Workshop Key Benefits

Microsoft Teams Sustainable Roadmap Including:

"eGroup Enabling Technologies has a plan and process to facilitate successful adoption of complex technology. Their approach is very practical and end user focused, and helped us plan and communicate better and respond more effectively across the company."

Workshop Approach:


Our consultant will meet with your Teams administrator(s) and compliance/governance personnel.


We will ask questions and assess the current status of up to three (3) Microsoft Teams.


We will advise on issues we see and answer questions about your concerns.


We will summarize the engagement by providing a 2-5 page deliverable document outlining our findings and recommendations.


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