SharePoint Online is Microsoft’s cloud version of the server-based web application. It is rapidly becoming one of our favorite cloud productivity tools to deploy for customers. If you’ve been through the many phases of SharePoint over the years, you’ll know that the platform has grown immensely. This growth can be good for customers who can fully embrace new technology. However, it may be hard for most people to wrap their heads around… even IT experts.

At its core of content generation and collaboration, using SharePoint on Office 365 kicks it up a notch to provide full modern office solutions. SharePoint Online gives users a truly seamless integration of their Office applications and data. It also allows access from anywhere on any device and provides first-class security protection. And as a system engineer who supports server applications, I can tell you that we all love cloud-based applications. No more late night patching of servers and no more early morning downtime calls.

Are you planning your on-premises migration to SharePoint Online?

If you’re moving SharePoint data, file shares, or even Google Drive data: eGroup’s tool of choice is Sharegate. Sharegate has been around for a few years, and lately, they’ve really been crushing it for eGroup customers in terms of moving tons of data quickly and accurately. Not only can it migrate data insanely fast using Azure, it also contains a robust SharePoint management tool for things like:

So, how can eGroup help you get moving quickly to the cloud?

eGroup has Microsoft SharePoint certified engineers that can assess your current environment and configuration. During the assessment, they will guide you through developing business requirements for your new environment, as well as uncovering any technical surprises or “gotchas” you may run into should you move to the cloud. And hey, Sharegate’s even got a report for that! One day, we’ll all simply be replaced by robots.

Last updated on July 31st, 2023 at 12:48 pm