Navigating the VMware License Increase:
RETHINK IT & Consider Azure VMware Solution

Jason Webster
Jason Webster

Field CTO,
Azure & Microsoft 365

With Broadcom’s recent acquisition of VMware, many organizations face increases in licensing costs under the new subscription model due to how the subscriptions are calculated. Azure VMware Solution (AVS) presents a compelling alternative to not only help accelerate an organization’s cloud strategy, but also to avoid additional VMware-centric costs. Below are four key benefits of migrating to AVS that could help your business avoid these increased costs and gain additional advantages: 

Cost Predictability and Cloud Flexibility

Azure VMware Solution offers a more predictable cost structure, which is essential for budgeting and financial planning. AVS pricing when optimized with reserved instance incentives offers a consistent and predictable monthly/annual total cost of ownership (TCO)This predictability helps businesses avoid unexpected increases in licensing fees while offering flexibility to migrate to Azure Native Infrastructure (IaaS) and Platform (PaaS) services over time

Seamless Integration and Migration

You already have the VMware skills to be successful todayAVS allows you to migrate your existing VMware workloads to Azure without the need to refactor applications. This seamless integration not only saves time and resources, but also minimizes the risk of migration errors. By leveraging familiar VMware tools and skills, existing IT teams can ensure a smooth transition and support, enhancing business continuity and reducing training costs.   

Reduce the Impact: Leverage Azure VMware Solution for Disaster Recovery

You don’t have to make the decision to migrate everything at onceYou can still reduce the licensing impact of the transition to subscription pricing by re-targeting secondary data centers to AVS for disaster recovery. The ability to minimally size and scale rapidly as needed allows you to save and consume resources on an as-needed basis. 

Cloud Migration: Avoiding “Lock-In”

When adopting Azure VMware Solution. Microsoft Azure PaaS and IaaS solutions are easier to adoptWith the ability to connect AVS and Azure Native solutions leveraging the Azure backplane, your organization can modernize your server and serverless solutions overtime with less disruptionWith flexible conversion options for reserved instances between AVS and Azure Native, you can ensure you can optimize your costs now—and in the future as well. 


Migrating to Azure VMware Solution is not just a tactical move to avoid potential licensing cost increases; it’s also an opportunity to enhance your organization’s agility and operational efficiency by accelerating your cloud journeyBy choosing AVS, you gain the capabilities of the full VMware platform with the operational efficiency of the cloud.

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