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Securing Patient Data and Expanding Customer Services

Seeking to take a major step forward in the evolution of their business, Carolina Radiology Associates, LLC needed to discover a way to protect and secure massive quantities of data. Two years ago, Carolina Radiology Associates found a partner that would give it the ability to offer their services to hospitals and other healthcare facilities throughout the Palmetto State.

That partner was eGroup Enabling Technologies, a Mount Pleasant-based company established in 1999 that now serves the information technology needs of clients across the United States.

The challenge for Carolina Radiology Associates was to store huge amounts of information, back it up quickly and efficiently, and restore it rapidly, not only in the form of high-resolution radiology images, but also to comply with the requirements of the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The solution provided by eGroup | Enabling Technologies was Rubrik, which excels in delivering data protection, search, analytics, archival, and copy data management.

With eGroup Enabling Technologies’ help, Carolina Radiology Associates met that challenge and now provides its services to healthcare clients across the state of South Carolina and into Savannah, GA. Its vast amount of information is backed up in Azure, a collection of cloud services, in case data is accidentally deleted or attacked by ransomware or if Mother Nature unleashes a hurricane or tornado on Carolina Radiology Associates facility.

“They can protect the data, back it up on premises here in South Carolina, compress the data and replicate it to Microsoft Azure,” eGroup Enabling Technologies’ Account Executive Chad Lanman pointed out. “They lacked a consistent and reliable backup solution that could scale to support hundreds of terabytes of data when they started partnering with all these new hospital systems.”

He added that most systems take hours or days to recover data, while Rubrik can handle the job in a matter of minutes.

Another advantage of working with eGroup Enabling Technologies is that its charges are based on consumption, so Carolina Radiology Associates is able to operate on a “pay as you grow” basis, paying only for the memory they use.

In addition to connecting Carolina Radiology Associates to Rubrik, eGroup Enabling Technologies also tests and maintains the system regularly and offers strategic guidance. And, if an emergency arises, eGroup Enabling Technologies’ professionals are available to solve any problems that might affect Carolina Radiology Associates ability to serve its clients.

eGroup Enabling Technologies has a long and synergetic relationship with Rubrik, having partnered with the company before its products were available to the public. Lanman pointed out that today, Rubrik is the fastest-growing company in Silicon Valley. In addition, eGroup Enabling Technologies, which is one of only six entities nationwide that is part of Rubrik’s Service Delivery Partner program, has benefited from its 15-year history with Microsoft and has earned the technology giant’s Southeast Rising Partner of the Year honors.

“Our team is familiar with the product,” Lanman said. “We have the ability to execute Rubrik, connect to Azure, and make it all work for the customer. As a 9x Microsoft Partner of the year, we can deliver a complete fleet of automated data management services.”

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