Change Management for a Biopharmaceutical Company

"The materials (end user communications and training) were fantastic. Our deployment of Self-Service Password Reset was an incredible success!"

Our client, a leader in the biopharmaceutical industry, was on a mission to deliver a self-service password reset platform to provide a simple and empowering user experience. We engaged to provide both technical and Adoption and Organizational Change Management guidance for this project.

The Challenge

Prior to kicking off this initiative, our client saw an opportunity to create an effortless user experience as the organization transitioned to a Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) process but were unsure where to start. There was a desire to communicate effectively and prepare users for this change with a plan to force mandatory enrollment in the program over-time.

The Solution

eGroup | Enabling Technologies’ Adoption and Organizational Change Management Experts provided strategic planning for end user communications and training to empower users.

  • Email communications provided step-by-step video demonstrations of the registration and reset processes
  • Posters provided visual reminders throughout the building, along with a QR Code to conduct the registration process from a mobile device
  • Quick reference guides were created to provide the step-by-step process
  • Branded business cards were developed to support new and existing staff with the step-by-step process for resetting your password (post-registration).


Here are just a few of the ways eGroup | Enabling Technologies’ Adoption and Organizational Change Management team drove them to success:

  • 30%+ Early Voluntary Enrollment
  • Ability to implement mandatory enrollment sooner
  • Happy Users & Low Effort


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