This year’s annual Consumer Electronic Show was attended by more than 150,000 visitors and 3,800 exhibitors from all over the world. Each year, the event gets bigger and better – jam-packed with new technology and innovative gadgets. Held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, CES featured thousands of new technology products ranging from smart wearables and vehicles to futuristic toys and gaming consoles. Here are some of the top products and categories that created the most hype at the show.

1. 4K TVs

Ultra HD televisions (aka 4K TV’s) are gaining traction. With all the major TV manufacturers – including Samsung, Sony, and LG – pushing for high resolution panels, 4K is defining the future of television viewing. These major companies are also adding high-dynamic range technology, resulting in vibrant colors and higher resolution. One of the most intoxicating features that come with 4K televisions is the ability to get closer to the screen without sacrificing image quality. In fact, seeing the TV up-close allows the screen to fill more of your visual field, leading to greater and more immersed experience.

2. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality was without a doubt one of the biggest new technology categories at this year’s CES. Many exhibitors were seen testing controllers, wearing headsets, and showcasing fancy displays. At the high end was the Oculus Rift at $599 (they also have 20 games being released this year). Samsung Gear VR featured a $99 device that works with a Samsung phone as well as Google cardboard. Another leading company was Taiwan’s HTC with its second-generation Vive Pre headset, which features enhanced lenses, is more compact, and has refined handheld controllers.

3. Drone Technology

Drones were another hot topic at the convention – although they sadly weren’t allowed to roam freely throughout the exhibition center and instead remained sealed in caged silos at the booths.The options for drones ranged from inexpensive toys such as France’s Parrot to the $2,600 Inspire 1 from China’s DJI. Aimed at professional filmmakers, the Inspire 1 includes a 4K camera and video positioning system.

4. Next-Generation Cars

Futuristic, next-generation cars also garnered a good amount of attention at CES, with automakers from all over coming out with several new product announcements. Among those was Faraday Future, a US-based global company focused on the development of intelligent electric vehicles and mobility solutions. Backed by Jia Yueting, the founder of LEtv – also known as China’s Netflix– the company is set to open a $1 billion production plant in Nevada, where it will work on a connected, self-driving electric vehicle.

Last updated on May 5th, 2023 at 02:22 pm