Love that headline quote from Stephen Denny – author of “Killing Giants” – it’s simple and sensible – and certainly representative of eGroup’s ethos in the world of IT services. 

Over the last 17 years, we’ve built a brand on telling people what they need to hear, not what they wanted to hear (just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!) while faithfully representing their needs and earning a reputation for being “customer first” – and, to be completely clear, of all the many accomplishments we’ve received, this simple recognition for being “slightly maverick” on behalf of our customers has been the most rewarding by far.

In my line of work credibility is everything (since, as you would expect, folks just don’t entrust the most sensitive aspects of their data center architecture, application, cloud, and security needs with anyone) and with first time clients we often don’t get the chance to demonstrate credibility until after we’ve closed a sale, which can sometimes be a lengthy and time-consuming process that involves values-based selling, outcomes-based selling, and plenty of reference calls.

What we’ve found in our marketing studies is that 72% of our “first time clients” have hesitation in engaging us for the initial project, though once completed the percentage of customers who would “use us again” jumps to 98% – therefore, 3 out of 4 prospects are hesitant to use us because they’ve never done business with us before, whereas after having done business with us, our rate of repeat business jumps to almost 100%!

Simply put, a lot of time gets set aside in the vetting process, when in IT, speed to value and speed to service are the two most important determinants of a great partnership – or as an acquaintance once said “Results, not effort” – so wouldn’t it be great to simply cut to the chase?

With this in mind, I have a simple offer, something enjoyed by many eGroup clients on a daily basis – that is, if you’re new to eGroup, and find yourself in a position to need some help quickly, or simply want a second opinion on an approach, give me a shout and I’ll engage the team to address your needs – a great occasion for you to kick the tires on our team, with nothing expected in return except for your consideration in a future initiative.

Our differentiated approach and upfront investment in “you” should quickly deliver the outcome you need, while allowing my team the stage to demonstrate immediate credibility – a great “low-risk” opportunity for both groups to build a new relationship based on your interests.

So, curious about what the 98% think? Let me know and I’ll get you connected, and in the meantime, tell me what’s on your list that you’d like to cross off and we’ll get moving

Last updated on May 5th, 2023 at 02:22 pm