Microsoft has created a great program to allow qualified businesses the opportunity to engage eGroup certified Cloud experts to come on-site and help your business get going with Cloud solutions.  The Microsoft Azure Everywhere program (expires June 30th, 2017) provides Microsoft funding to qualified partners, like eGroup, to conduct on-site education workshops, proof of concept environments, Cloud migration assessments and Cloud adoption roadmaps.  These workshops, funded by Microsoft, are focused on helping your business develop your Cloud strategy by providing you access to expert resources to get you started.

How does it work?

  1. Contact eGroup to schedule your FREE Cloud Consultation
  2. Your eGroup team will work to submit your business for the Azure Everywhere Program and Workshop of your choice
  3. Your Microsoft team will validate the request and approve the funding
  4. Your eGroup Project Manager will schedule your workshop for dates and times that work for your team
  5. eGroup will conduct the Workshop, Assessment, and/or Proof of Concept build out
  6. eGroup will invoice Microsoft directly for the workshop
  7. You validate and approve the Workshop funding with Microsoft

What benefits do businesses usually gain from a Microsoft Azure Everywhere Workshop?

  1. You will receive on-site education and informational sessions with an eGroup Certified Cloud Expert based on the Cloud Solution you are interested in.
  2. Your eGroup Cloud Expert will work with your team to assess your current environment to determine what benefits your business can gain from Cloud computing in Microsoft Azure.
  3. Your eGroup Cloud Expert will work with your team to configure your Microsoft Azure Environment and ensure it works with your on-premises environment.  Conducting activities such as:  Creating your Azure Environment, synchronizing on-premises credentials with the Cloud for single sign on, deploying Active Directory in the Cloud and stretching your on-premises AD environment to Azure, configuring Cloud Networking, and deploying proof of concept solutions.
  4. Your eGroup Cloud Expert will deliver detailed documentation in the form of an assessment and roadmap that your business can use to plan future IT investments.
  5. Your IT team will be familiar and enabled with Cloud technologies

All you need to get started is to reach out and schedule your FREE Cloud Consultation (30 mins) and your eGroup team of resources can help define the details, schedule, and execute your Microsoft Azure Everywhere Workshop.

Last updated on July 31st, 2023 at 01:57 pm