Cloud Mastery Workshop: Linux to Azure – June 6th

Migration to Azure is the Path to Innovation


Business leaders are increasingly looking to fuel innovation with cloud-native services and getting AI-ready, where they are looking to the cloud as an enabler. Consider this: 90% of new apps will embed AI by 2025, and 95% of new initiatives will be cloud-native by 2025.


Migration to Azure provides business leaders with the best of both worlds—the optimized platform to fully embrace AI and cloud-native applications while maximizing ROI and giving the necessary performance and resilience. All of this is delivered with comprehensive code to cloud security.


Join us for a 1/2-day workshop that aims to walk you through the entire process of setting up and migrating Linux VMs from on-prem to Azure leveraging Azure Migrate. By the end of this workshop, you will be familiar with the benefits of migrating to Azure, the Cloud Adoption Framework, and be able to understand the high-level migration process involved in moving on-premises RHEL-based workloads to Azure using Azure Migrate.


Learn how deploying Linux workloads on Azure can enhance reliability, scalability, and performance through the topics we’ll be covering:


-Benefits of Migration and Modernization
Identifying the benefits of migration to Azure and grasping the high-level migration process, along with understanding the prerequisites.


-Understand the Cloud Adoption Framework
You’ll gain hands-on experience with relevant tools and services to assess workload readiness and estimate costs and complexity.


-Gaining Hands-On Experience
You’ll perform migration-associated tasks and execute post-migration activities to optimize, secure, and manage RHEL-based workloads in Azure.




1:00PM-1:20PM Welcome, Introduction, and High-Level Migration Process
1:20PM-1:40PM Prerequisites and Set-Up
1:40PM-2:00PM Lab Exercise: Preparing the Lab Environment
2:00PM-2:40PM: Assessment and Business Case
2:40PM-3:10PM Lab Exercise: Create a Business Case and Run an Assessment
3:10PM-3:30PM Migrating Systems
3:30PM-4:10PM Lab Exercise: Migrate Workloads
4:10PM-4:30PM Post-Migration and Supporting Services
4:30PM-5:00PM Lab Exercise: Post-Migration Tasks


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Can’t make it on June 6th? No problem! We’re offering this workshop again on Thursday, June 27th from 1PM-5PM EST! Click HERE to register.
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Jun 06 2024


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Mike Dent - Field CTO, Hybrid Data Center


Mike Dent - Field CTO, Hybrid Data Center
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