Trust an award-winning Microsoft partner to help you create a culture of innovation

Our team will help you imagine what can be achieved by extending the functionality of the Microsoft Teams platform with valuable apps and solutions your team needs to stay productive and efficient. Experts will then review your unique business goals and current challenges in order to provide a tailored plan that maps your organization’s needs to potential solutions – so your team can start benefiting from a centralized digital workspace.

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Discover Risks from Dark Data and Learn How to Address Them

Hybrid work transformed the way many of us run our businesses, with leaders working tirelessly to ensure their people could remain productive while logging in virtually. 

Even though hybrid work is our new reality, many employees are still jumping between disparate tools to get their work done. Constant app switching reduces performance, divides attention, and even lowers overall employee engagement.

Learn more about the ready-to-use, easy-to-connect apps available from the Teams App Store
Accelerate business outcomes by using low-code solutions or building custom apps tailored to your needs
Safeguard your business to protect applications, data, and communications across Microsoft and partner services

You’re invited to our exclusive Collaborative Apps Workshop, where consultants from eGroup | Enabling Technologies will look at your unique business goals, workflows, and tools with you, then help create one central hub for all your work in Microsoft Teams! Experts will guide you through ways to extend and customize your Teams workspace, adding and connecting all the apps your people need to get their work done.

Then, consultants will then design a tailored plan to get your apps up and running -so you can start taking advantage of a centralized workspace right away. 

We'll Work With You To:


Determine how to streamline processes and improve productivity and collaboration

Identify Use Cases

Identify and prioritize use cases for key requirements and challenges

Develop Next Steps

Develop an implementation plan and next steps to achieve your desired goals

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The New Era of Hybrid Work

Extreme flexibility and hybrid work define the post-pandemic workplace

This new era of hybrid work isn’t as simple as combining the old reality of the workplace with the new reality of remote work. Hybrid Meetings builds on the new wave of digital transformation and cloud power, and drives new ways to work and be together, to coordinate and collaborate, and to build a modern workplace that is as flexible and adaptive as possible -one that produces both happier people and better projects. 

Work continues to evolve, and business leaders are looking for a new operating model, defined by flexibility. To succeed, organizations need to focus on three things: putting the right policies in place, reconfiguring physical spaces, and using technology to put it all together. 

Technology is the binding factor to create inclusive meeting and collaboration experiences using Teams meetings, Microsoft Teams Rooms, and devices.

Workshop Outcomes


An evaluation of your current meetings, spaces and meeting rooms capabilities


Art of the Possible immersion experience to showcase Teams Rooms and hybrid meetings


Direction on how to transform to Microsoft Teams Rooms and hybrid meetings across your entire organization

The Hybrid Meetings and Rooms Workshop is a modular engagement to help define your business priorities and scenarios that drive hybrid meetings. This workshop is designed to showcase hybrid meetings through immersive experiences, use case design, and deep dive planning. At the end of the workshop, you can expect actionable recommendations to deploy and adopt Microsoft Teams Rooms and hybrid meetings.

Understanding Your Business Needs

Gather information on current environment, spaces, and meeting practices

Developing a Technical Vision

Showcase Microsoft Teams Rooms and hybrid meeting experiences

Building an Actionable Plan

Build the strategy and roadmap for deployment of Microsoft Teams Rooms and hybrid meetings

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Showcase Modern Calling Capabilities and Build a Plan to Deploy and Adopt Microsoft Teams Phone

Calling with Microsoft Teams Phone

Now more than ever, businesses need a modern voice solution and phone system capabilities that combines unified communication and teamwork. Microsoft Teams Phone provides the features organizations need to deliver seamless, collaborative experiences for employees, business partners, and customers. Because implementation of calling solutions can be complex and involves network remediation, Microsoft 365 service deployment, telephone number provisioning/porting, and device deployment, customers need partners with this highly specialized skillset.


Gather information on current environment and practices for calling


Showcase modern calling capabilities powered by Microsoft Teams Phone


Build the plan for how to deploy and adopt Microsoft Teams Phone


The Modernize Communications Workshop is a modular engagement to experience the vision for Microsoft Teams Phone and advanced communication scenarios. This workshop is designed to guide you through the process of a simplified enterprise voice solution with reliable, high-quality, integrated calling. Through demonstrations, use-case design, and deep-dive planning you will obtain actionable recommendations to deploy and adopt Microsoft Teams phone.

Workshop Deliverables

  • An evaluation of your current telephony and PBX needs

  • Environmental and workload analysis, including existing infrastructure and telephony state

  • Demonstration of the end-to-end Microsoft Teams calling experience to showcase Microsoft Teams Phone as your telephony solution

  • Direction on how to transition various user profiles into a modern collaboration and communication environment

  • Showcase the rich portfolio of third-party applications and devices that can complement the Microsoft Teams Phone experience

  • Customized, actionable recommendations you can follow to enable and adopt Microsoft Teams Phone

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Empower Your People To Be Productive And Secure From Anywhere

Productivity and teamwork are fundamental to build resilience for your people, teams, and organization.

Workshop Highlights


Evaluate your secure work from anywhere options and business implications


The goal is to envision and enable the scenarios that are relevant to you


Walk away with a concrete deployment plan, timelines, and next steps

Learn how to empower people to be more productive and secure as they adapt to new ways of working with Microsoft 365.

With this two-day workshop, we’ll show you how you can use Microsoft technologies to: 

  • Provide meeting and collaboration experiences to connect teams remotely and onsite.

  • Secure your business with technology you can trust.

  • Consolidate to one cost-effective solution to simplify IT management and reduce spending.

Why You Should Attend

We’ll discuss the scenarios available with Microsoft 365 to enable secure work from anywhere. 

Our team will evaluate your options and leave you with a concrete deployment plan and next steps. 

This two-day workshop is focused on identifying secure work from anywhere scenarios that align to your business needs and address the following: 

Envision Secure Work from Anywhere

Understand the customer objectives and envision your priority scenarios.

Implementation Planning

Develop a plan to implement Microsoft Teams and foundational security for users, devices, apps, and data.

Activation and Adoption Planning

Define a plan including risks and mitigations for a successful deployment and adoption.

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Do More With Microsoft Teams

See What's Possible

As the hub for teamwork, Microsoft Teams is designed to help organizations improve collaboration and increase efficiency by automating key business processes. With the Enable Frontline Workshop, customers will work through various frontline worker challenges and pain points to identify top prioritized scenarios for their frontline workforce.

At eGroup | Enabling Technologies, our consultants will walk you through the art of the possible, working with you to identify unique needs of your frontline workforce to help solve your specific collaboration challenges. During the workshop, we’ll develop an actionable plan based on your frontline workforce needs to help you move forward.

Enable Your Frontline Workforce to Achieve More

Connect and Engage Your Workforce

Highlights include:

  • Teams Voice, chat, and file-sharing
  • Viva (Connections, Learning, Insights), Yammer
  • Praise, Walkie Talkie, Surface, Partner Devices

Enhance Workforce Management

Highlights include:

  • Shifts and Tasks in Teams
  • Time Clock
  • Workforce Management ISV connectors (Kronos, Blue Yonder, Reflexis)

Increase Operational Efficiency

Highlights include:

  • Teams Platform, Power Automate

  • Approvals, List, Virtual Visits

  • Line of Business apps and integrations

Safeguard Your Business

Highlights include:

  • Frontline policy packages, Team templates

  • AAD Identity & Access Management

  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Surface

We'll Work With You To:

Identify and prioritize key use case scenarios

Explore opportunities to streamline business processes and improve productivity outcomes

Provide an implementation plan and next steps to help you achieve your desired goals

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Hybrid Work And Transformational End User Computing Experiences

Workshop Highlights


Focus on your priorities, initiatives, and key influences in your hybrid work & end-user computing strategy 


Learn about end-user computing strategies, Windows 11, and Windows 365 to drive endpoint modernization with your customers


Work together on showcasing Cloud PC provisioning and management with Windows 365 in a production environment


Plan next steps on how we can work together

In our new world of work, endpoint is the new workplace and hybrid work is driving the endpoint strategy.

The shift to remote and hybrid work represents a shift in how we think about providing people with the tools they need.

90% of organizations anticipate seeing more usage on cloud platforms than ever before. As a result, optimizing existing investments in cloud solutions remains a top priority.

Many organizations, 77% of those surveyed, agree on the importance of providing the latest technology to their employees, giving users the devices that they want while giving IT the capability to keep them secure.

Lastly, 80% of companies plan to invest in new and emerging technologies, opening the conversation on the most efficient way to deploy, manage, and secure these new endpoints.

Why You Should Attend

NextGen Windows Workshop helps you land the value proposition of Microsoft’s cloud solutions for end-user computing with your customers’ business decision makers. These solutions include Windows 365, Windows running on Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Managed Desktop, Windows 11 Enterprise and Microsoft Endpoint Manager. By attending, you can:

Understand a customer's hybrid work scenarios and end-user computing goals and objectives

Gain insights into a customer's device landscape for both physical and virtual endpoints

Present Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop and Microsoft Managed Desktop solutions that provide a secure desktop experience from virtually anywhere

Showcase Windows 365 Cloud PC provisioning and management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

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