Cybersecurity Automation with PhishHunter

With Volusia County schools seeing a massive uptick in phishing attempts they decided to deploy eGroup Enabling Technologies’ solution, PhishHunter. “We enabled PhishHunter at exactly the right time. Otherwise, we were going to have a potential catastrophe on our hands. In early 2018, I noted a much more realistic quality of phishing emails. The login pages that came after the click were also very realistic. If a user didn’t happen to notice the odd URL, there’d be no way they could resist logging in. We quickly made the decision to use PhishHunter to automatically disable compromised accounts.”

Who is Volusia County Schools?



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PhishHunter Made a Profound Difference

A common scenario we encounter is a customer that has invested in securing their on-premises data and devices. As they move to the cloud they come to us for security guidance. After partnering with us, Volusia County Schools is using Microsoft Cloud App Security and Advanced Threat Protection to mitigate attempted attacks. Assisted by eGroup Enabling Technologies, Volusia is seeing immediate results of the customized PhishHunter configurations.

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Four teams were involved in each phishing incident, totaling ~7 hours of labor.


One person alerts the user and helps reset their password, totaling just 1 hour.  “Overall, by solving the phishing issue, the IT team members involved have ~15% of their time back” said Alex Kennedy.

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“It would take up to 24 hours to remediate.” In that time, the phish would be replicated around the organization.”


“Within 7 minutes of a compromise, the account is automatically disabled. No human could detect or respond that fast.”


With eGroup Enabling Technologies’ PhishHunter, your organization can now automatically detect and remediate phishing attacks. The solution is built on Microsoft applications like Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD), Cloud App Security, and Advanced Threat Protection.


Prevention Through Advanced Threat Protection.


Detection In Office 365 Cloud App Security.


Notification And Auto-Repair Hidden Issues With Threat Intelligence Rules.


Remediation Through Microsoft Entra ID.

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