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Tech for Social Impact

Microsoft Tech for Social Impact (TSI) presented its vision for the Microsoft Cloud for Non-Profits March 30, 2021. It is designed as an affordable solution for non-profits that covers a broad range of needs common to non-profits. The Cloud for Non-Profits leverages the Non-Profit Common Data Model (CDM), a vendor agnostic data model that articulates data entities, attributes and relationships that are common to non-profits. Subject areas include:

  • Constituents and Fundraising;
  • Program Delivery;
  • Operations and Financials, and
  • Insights and Impacts

Microsoft’s Vision for the Cloud

Microsoft’s vision for the Cloud for Non-Profits is a set of applications and data stores that will enable non-profits to automate business processes around: 

  • Constituent Management: Attractretain and grow donor and supporter bases;  
  • Donation and Award Management: Payment processing, fund accounting, and designation management to support fundraising efficiency; 
  • Volunteer Management: Enable volunteer coordinators and volunteer to collaborate and match skills with needs; 
  • Program Delivery: Design, delivery and measure programs that maximize mission delivery; 
  • Unified Data: Unify fundraising, finance, program, operations, and disparate data across the back office and frontline; 
  • Constituent Analytics: Understand which supporters and constituents are most likely to engage through which channels and at the optimal time, and 
  • Personalized Engagement: Connect through compelling content via the most proven channels. 


Fundraising and Engagement was released in October of 2020 and represents the first example of the kinds of application solutions the Cloud for Non-Profits is envisioned to include. This module gives organizations the ability to track their donors, determine fund raising targets and opportunities, reduce costs through the automation of manual business processes, and get real-time reporting on fundraising efforts and financial performance. 

On the roadmap is integration with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator which will give fundraisers the ability to explore the professional networks of current and potential donors and discover which contacts they might have in common who could help advocate on the part of the non-profit’s fundraising.  

You can take a test drive of the solution at

If you’re a non-profit organization looking to migrate to the cloud, contact our team of Cloud Computing Consultants to get you started on your cloud journey!

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