Global NGO Goes All-In with Azure

Global NGO Goes All-In with Azure IntraHealth International is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving global health by strengthening the capacity of health workers and health systems in underserved communities. Their mission revolves around the belief that well-trained and supported health workers are essential to delivering quality healthcare and achieving positive health outcomes worldwide. Chapel […]

Streamlining 911 Operations with Nutanix Cloud

Streamlining Operations for Public Safety with Nutanix Jeffcom dispatches for 24 police, fire, and emergency medical agencies across Jefferson County, Colorado. The center processes more than 700,000 calls each year, including 250,000 911 calls. Daily operations are made possible by a staff of more than 130 emergency communications specialists and supervisors, supported by a highly […]

Distek Shakes the Status Quo with Microsoft

Distek Shakes the Status Quo with Microsoft Introduction Being the President of a growing business has many (many) challenges. Among those facing Distek’s Jeff Brinker, were security and employee productivity at the firm. That’s why the global manufacturer works with eGroup Enabling Technologies. Distek manufactures testing equipment for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. You may not […]

Case Study: Conway Medical Center

Cutting Edge of Technology in State-of-the-Art Healthcare Keeping state-of-the-art healthcare on the cutting edge of technology is a difficult feat. Advances and discoveries in healthcare are happening every minute of every day. The same is true in information technology. Computers emerged in healthcare in the early 1970s (Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review 2015) after […]

Case Study: Carolina Radiology

Carolina Radiology Securing Patient Data and Expanding Customer Services Seeking to take a major step forward in the evolution of their business, Carolina Radiology Associates, LLC needed to discover a way to protect and secure massive quantities of data. Two years ago, Carolina Radiology Associates found a partner that would give it the ability to […]

Case Study: Genesis Health Care

Genesis Health Care Elevates Operations, Standards and Governance with eGroup Enabling Technologies Managed Services Challenges Client’s existing Managed Service Provider did not meet expectations, missed Service Level Agreements (SLA) and lacked technical leadership Skillsets, time to respond, and remediation metrics were below expectations Inadequate reporting and account management: low accounting and visibility Results A seamless […]

Case Study: Charleston ENT

Charleston ENT & Allergy enlists eGroup Enabling Technologies for a Technology Strategy Review Since 1997, Charleston ENT & Allergy’s mission has been to serve the people and families of South Carolina with superior, comprehensive, and convenient care. Their commitment to these core values has allowed Charleston ENT & Allergy to expand from one to seventeen […]