Jones-Onslow EMC Boosts Efficiency and Performance with Rubrik

Jones-Onslow EMC Boosts Efficiency and Performance with Rubrik “Being a small IT shop, we needed something that was going to allow us to reduce costs, save time, and streamline our recovery process. We first heard of Rubrik from our trusted partner, eGroup, who came to us in a time of tremendous need and growth. They […]

Case Study: Conway Medical Center

Cutting Edge of Technology in State-of-the-Art Healthcare Keeping state-of-the-art healthcare on the cutting edge of technology is a difficult feat. Advances and discoveries in healthcare are happening every minute of every day. The same is true in information technology. Computers emerged in healthcare in the early 1970s (Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review 2015) after […]

Case Study: Carolina Radiology

Carolina Radiology Securing Patient Data and Expanding Customer Services Seeking to take a major step forward in the evolution of their business, Carolina Radiology Associates, LLC needed to discover a way to protect and secure massive quantities of data. Two years ago, Carolina Radiology Associates found a partner that would give it the ability to […]