Managed Security Services Improve Security & Your Team’s Value

Managed Security Services Improve Security & Your Team’s Value The Power of MSSPs When I was leading technology organizations, one of the most critical and valuable partner vendor relationships was with our managed security service provider (MSSP). They served in three capacities: Around-the-clock 24/7/365 monitoring for malicious activity, including proactive threat hunting. Served as the […]

Improving Cloud Security Policies

Improving Cloud Security Policies Our Strategic Advisors find a consistent gap when reviewing our customers’ security policies: a lack of focus on cloud computing. Even in organizations with many traditional policy documents, there’s a lag in updating them for cloud technologies like Microsoft 365. Additionally, the gap widens when it comes to documenting the standard […]

How to Fearlessly Implement Your Zero Trust Strategy

How to Fearlessly Implement Your Zero Trust Strategy “Zero What?” So what does Zero Trust mean? Zero Trust has been a term that has been around a long time. Remember the X Files? Agent Molder would always tell his colleagues – “Trust no one”. That pretty much sums it up. You don’t trust anyone who […]

Recovering from Enterprise Phishing Attacks

Recovering from Enterprise Phishing Attacks Much has been written about what consumers should do if their home accounts get phished. But here’s a comprehensive list for recovering from enterprise phishing attacks. We include advice for all affected parties: users, IT admins, and Security leaders. For the End User: Immediately tell the IT department and share […]

How Secure is Your Environment?

Most companies today understand the very real need to protect their data. Most invest significant funds to mitigate or prevent the threats that aim to compromise their data. Typically, the go to investment is a firewall on the edge of the network to protect against outside attacks. And that is a great start. But that […]

7 Common Sense Security Practices IT Administrators Should Implement Now

Given the recent rash of publicity around high-visibility ransomware attacks, it was inevitable that the spam-o-matic would kick in to high gear with just about every manufacturer and security partner out there wanting to offer up heavily funded solutions to address the risk. At eGroup, we believe there is value in sharing for the common […]