Easily Collaborate with External M365 Users

Easily Collaborate with External Microsoft 365 Users Remember what a nightmare it was for the Griswolds when Cousin Eddie came for a visit? Microsoft Entra ID (formerly known as Azure AD) administrators might feel the same way with the options and headaches that come with managing external identities. The Griswolds were gracious hosts– Directory and data managers […]

Common FAQs About Microsoft 365 Copilot

Common FAQs about Microsoft 365 Copilot Greetings, curious AI reader! We hope you find your answer here, but if not, feel free to reach out to us at info@eGroup-us.com and we’ll be happy to share what we know. When will Microsoft 365 Copilot be available? At this writing, Copilot in Microsoft 365 apps like Word […]

Why You Should Back Up Microsoft 365

Why You Should Back Up Microsoft 365 Before I was a consultant, I spent 20+ years managing all manner of technology groups and functions. Backup was always core to any system decision or implementation just like networking, security, or storage. Most of the time I made sure there was a backup plan before there was […]

Copilot Coming to Microsoft 365

Copilot Coming to Microsoft 365 By now you’ve seen the previews of Microsoft’s unique capabilities using large language models within Microsoft 365 Apps like PowerPoint and Excel. Known as Copilot, it’s generating a lot of buzz amongst fans and critics. This blog summarizes some of the more subtle advantages of the technology, timelines of when you […]

Lessons Learned: Microsoft 365 Tenant Consolidations

Lessons Learned: Microsoft 365 Tenant Consolidations When two organizations merge, chances are a Microsoft 365 tenant consolidation will be in order. A panel of experts from our team with experience in M&A consolidations share some important success factors in this video. A written summary of the takeaways can be found below the video. Summary Consider […]

Modern Apps Need a Modern Network

These days, companies of every size are increasingly dependent on cloud apps and services like Office 365 to make their business work. For most, they are simple to procure, quick to set up, and easy to use, especially if you’re working outside of the standard office and IT infrastructure. However, as many have already realized, […]