InSite Moves from Skype to Microsoft Teams Voice

InSite Moves from Skype to Microsoft Teams Voice Competing in the commercial real estate market takes constant communication and 24×7 availability. For InSite Real Estate, L.L.C., Microsoft Teams is providing reliable phone and collaboration services from the cloud. As a leading commercial real estate and industrial developer, InSite buys, custom-develops, and then operates income-producing real estate. InSite owns […]

Are you N-E-S-T-ing for a better work from home experience?

Through the challenges we’re facing during this new “work from home” era, we are now acknowledging the need to transition our mindset from this is a “temporary” model to one that thinks of this as “long-term temporary”. Instead of waking up, rolling through Starbucks, and heading into the office, we now may find ourselves waking […]

7 Simple Ways to Improve Your IT Security Right Now- With No Money

7 Simple Ways to Improve your IT Security  Right Now… With No Money!      1: BETTER SPAM PROTECTION (FREE) Email is still the primary attack vector, where users receive emails with suspicious attachments or links, unknowingly execute these items, and then – *BAM* – a bad day ensues. If you aren’t protecting your email from spam, […]

Finding Your Normal In Disruption

  Uncertainty. I think we can all relate to this definition right now. We’ve all got our schedule; we wake up, go through a routine. Maybe you’re a gym person in the morning, or get out and enjoy nature for a few miles. Maybe you really enjoy that first cup of coffee and the newspaper. […]

Make every experience a great one

As the trend towards branch offices and remote workers continues to rise, organizations are rapidly adopting Microsoft Office 365 to lower infrastructure costs and increase flexibility to accommodate these distant locations. Users are now expecting the portability and ease of accessibility in a virtual desktop experience while requiring a secure and resilient digital workspace. Unfortunately, […]