Zerto v10 Update

Zerto v10 Update Zerto just dropped Update 2 for Version 10, and they continue to really drive some great features into the product, extending what started with v10 as some game-changing features. See our previous post on this one. Starting with v10, Zerto made the Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) role only available on a Linux appliance, […]

5 Benefits of Choosing AVS and Zerto for Disaster Recovery

5 Benefits of Choosing Azure VMware Solution and Zerto for Disaster Recovery Disaster recovery is a critical aspect of any organization’s IT infrastructure. Companies that experience unplanned downtime risk significant financial loss, loss of productivity, and damage to their reputation. To ensure business continuity, many organizations use disaster recovery solutions to protect their data and […]

eGroup + Zerto + Azure = IT Resilience

In last Friday’s post, I discussed the concept that “Things that have never happened before, happen every day” and the need for a posture of resilience to remain operationally ready for anything. Storage industry veteran Paul Zeiter, currently president at Zerto, said recently that “One of the big challenges facing companies today is the need to […]

Availability = Survival

As IT veterans, I’m certain we all have stories like the one I shared previously – many of those without the happy ending. It reminds me of the prime concepts of a (fascinating) survival book I read several years ago by Laurence Gonzales called “Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why,” where the key themes of […]

The Case for Preparedness

Are you prepared? Are you sure? In the early minutes of Saturday morning, April 2011, a water main broke underneath the street in Columbia, SC. A $30B lending provider, located just feet away from the break, with over 1,200 servers (95% of them virtualized) located in their basement Data Center, experienced a massive subterranean flood […]

Advanced Disaster Recovery Made Simple – Zerto 5.0

Zerto is an industry leader in disaster protection and disaster recovery for virtual computing environments. With the recent version of Zerto 5.0 released, businesses can take advantage of advanced disaster recovery technology while also introducing simplicity and confidence in their ability to completely avoid or recover from disasters. Here are a couple examples of how recent eGroup […]