Cybersecurity Automation with PhishHunter

Cybersecurity Automation with PhishHunter With Volusia County schools seeing a massive uptick in phishing attempts they decided to deploy eGroup Enabling Technologies’ solution, PhishHunter. “We enabled PhishHunter at exactly the right time. Otherwise, we were going to have a potential catastrophe on our hands. In early 2018, I noted a much more realistic quality of […]

Security Automation with ThreatHunter

Security Automation with ThreatHunter When the IT team at Cascade Environmental noticed that bad actors were automating their attempts to compromise identities and data, they proactively took action. They realized that while their environment may be secure at a point in time, morphing attack vectors could make them vulnerable at any time. Cascade’s growth made the […]

Case Study: Armtec: A Partner Not a Customer

Armtec: A Partner Not a Customer eGroup Enabling Technologies’ relationship with Armtec Defense Technologies began in 2014, with a Lync project. “eGroup Enabling Technologies came to the rescue,” said Muscarella. “They assessed our situation, looked at our design, made some strong recommendations that would best fit our network model, and provided a great foundation. eGroup Enabling Technologies has been by our side the whole time through this […]

Case Study: Azure Files Accelerates Critical Processes

Azure Files Accelerates Critical Processes Founded in 1894, Spang Company is a diversified manufacturing company. Through the work of three unique product lines, the design, produce, and supply of precision soft magnetic components and materials to the electronics industry and custom engineered solutions to the power industry. With headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Spang Company provides […]